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Coffee connoisseurs and whiskey aficionados alike will find something they love in Sol Luna Coffee Whiskey. Our goal is to bring people together and be the bridge between worlds: fresh coffee and aged bourbon, barista and bartender, day and night.    


Brewed with specialty grade coffee and distilled with artisan ingredients and care, Sol Luna Coffee Whiskey combines these worlds and adds just a touch of raw sugar and kiss of star anise.

Sol Luna Since 2023

As the founder and CEO of Sol Luna Coffee Whiskey and 2019 US Coffee in Good Spirits Champion, Matt decided one night at dinner when his fiancé Louise and friend Sarah said, "You should have your own coffee alcohol." that they were probably right.

Two years later, meet Sol Luna- an aspiration realized that merges Matt's two favorite worlds- coffee and cocktails.

Our Story

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Our Story


Our partners make production possible. From sourcing the balanced barrel to bottling, we're thankful to work together.

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